Saturday, January 15, 2011

Welcome to the Haunted E-book Tour launch!

Why am I doing a blog tour? I think it celebrates everything that’s great about being an indie author.

While authors have traditionally worked long hours alone, the indie author’s world is all about community. Indie authors advise, encourage, aid and comfort each other in online communities like Kindleboards. The book blogging community is where we find our readers.

The book bloggers have really created the culture of indie authors. They let people know about our books, and they do it in a really fun way, with thoughtful reviews, special events and prize giveaways. Working with some of these great bloggers, I’ll be doing a lot of posts about ghosts, a few interviews, and lots of giveaways.

The first grand prize is The Haunted Library, a collection of ebooks from various speculative genres, generously donated by their authors. It's a fantastic collection of ebooks from some amazing writers, and one person is going to win them all.

The second grand prize is a new Amazon Kindle with WiFi.

And if The Haunted E-book reaches the Top 100 bestseller list in the Amazon Kindle store at any time during the tour (even if it’s just for an hour), that will enable me to give away a big, fancy 9.7” Kindle DX (with free 3G) to a third grand prize winner.

How can you win? Start by commenting on this blog post. That enters you for the grand prize drawing. At each blog stop along the tour, you can enter again by commenting on the Haunted E-book Tour post within 7 days after it's posted. One post per blog gets you an entry, for a total of 22 possible grand prize entries. (Extra posts on the same blog don’t count as extra entries.)

To make the blog tour more interactive, I’m offering a few ways to get extra entries. Just Twittering about this blog tour, with a link back to this page, gets you +1 entry (#hauntedebook). Putting the Haunted E-book tour badge on your own blog or site for at least one week during the tour gets you +2 entries.

Posting a review of The Haunted E-book on Amazon, the Barnes and Noble Nook Store, or Goodreads will get you +2 entries, for a total of +6 entries for posting reviews. (How you rate the book and the content of your review have no effect on your entries. I always prefer honest feedback! Thanks.)

To get your extra entries counted, email me with subject line EXTRA ENTRIES and link back to your extra entries. Entries via blog comment will be counted automatically, but please include your email address, blog URL or other contact info in case you win. Grand prize winners will be selected by the number generator at

To make it easy for you to get a review copy, I'm doing several things. At most stops along the tour (including this one) one random commenter will win the “double prize” of two free ebooks: The Haunted E-book and my short story collection Dark Tomorrows. Randomly selected blogs will also have paperback giveaways, and these and other giveaways will be revealed along the way.


I'm also giving away 113 free ebook copies of The Haunted E-book on LibraryThing, plus 3 paperback copies on Goodreads.

I invite you to follow the tour through Twitter, Facebook and Goodreads. If you want to follow more closely, you might subscribe to updates by email (links for all these at the top of the blog tour page).

The more people who find out about the tour and The Haunted E-book, the more likely the third grand prize (Kindle DX) will be made available.  So you can help the Kindle DX giveaway happen by letting others know about this blog tour, or about the book.  Thanks!.

Also, you’ll want to watch out for special giveaways along the tour.


I’ll send an autographed copy of The Haunted E-book to one commenter (chosen by who posts a comment below within the next seven days. You’ll also win ebooks of both The Haunted E-book and Dark Tomorrows. (These are Smashwords editions, so they are available in any format you want—Kindle, Nook, Sony, etc.) Leave some contact info (email, blogger profile, etc.) so I can get in touch with you if you win. You can opt out just by saying so.

Also, commenting below gives you a Grand Prize entry, towards winning The Haunted Library or a Kindle.

I wanted to make this blog tour big and interactive, but that also means there’s a lot going on. I’ve created a special questions and answers page where people can ask any general questions about the tour that might be of interest to others.

The tour will take us to some great blogs. Some of them are big and busy sites, run by a small mafia of enthusiastic and dedicated book bloggers, while others are cool blogs that I’d like more people to discover. Our first stops will be Reading on the Dark Side, Supernatural Snark, and Darkeva.

(By the way, if you like laughing really hard for a long period of time, try the cover critiques of romance books on Supernatural Snark.)

Thanks so much for joining me on The Haunted E-book International Blog Tour!


  1. OK, I'm in.
    "While authors have traditionally worked long hours alone, the indie author’s world is all about community."
    I love the way you are obviously about more than trying to drive sales. Not that those aren't important! But as a new author of a two week old ebook I'm getting a lot of marketing advice and some of it rings pretty false. A haunted library, on the other hand?
    I like your style.
    Best of luck, JL.

  2. Hi Jeff!
    *squee* so excited for this tour! :-D I'm so glad you mentioned the benefit for indie authors, because blog tours really are a great promotional tool :-) And thanks for the shout-out--much appreciated, dude :-)


  3. Hi! I've had one to many mimosas today (I will no doubt be stuck uber-editing everything I wrote today), so I obviously skimmed the contest matter...I am here to support you and your new book! And just so you know, I will be purchasing The Haunted E-Book tonight to read tomorrow when I am more alert ;)

  4. I've been reading your blog for awhile (Big Jenny Pox fan here) and haven't commented yet. My comment? I LOVE The Haunted E Book! It's the most clever and unique horror book I've ever read. I actually can't think of any other books that come too close to it either. LOVED the "book within a book" device. It never felt like you were showing off. It was also pretty damn scary. Good job and good idea with the Haunted Library. That's pretty clever too!

  5. Holy camolie, batman! You're rockin' this tour, Jeff! Awesome! What a great thing :)

  6. Hi, Vicki. What's the name of your ebook?

    Claudia- Don't worry, the rules will still be here. :)

    Thanks, Darkeva, Anonymous, Theresa and Stacey!

  7. Best of luck with the tour, Jeff. What a great way to boost your book. I hope you sell a million of 'em!

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. OK, let me try this again!
    Title: Gifts of the Blood Web:
    I'm pretty new at this, and am interested as a learner/observer as much as I am fan, but I'm alert to cross promotion ops and have some pretty deep ins with parallel Indie communities/markets. Just something to throw out there as you start what I'm sure will be a remarkable launch. Best of luck, and it's been a pleasure crossing paths. -VK

  10. Thanks, John!

    Vicki, I'll have to check out your book. Thanks for your amazing review of Jenny Pox on Goodreads!

  11. Good luck with your tour. I'll have to check out your books.

  12. HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So excited to see all the posts on this EPIC tour! And can I just say, I'm amazed you are managing all of this. Are you not planning to sleep over the next few weeks? Sheesh! Well, thanks anyway for doing this and letting us be one of the blogs on the tour. You may not know this, but we Bookworms are HUGE fans! *wink*

  13. Sandy - Thanks so much for coming by!

    Hi Pushy - I heard that the Bewitched Bookworms might be fans, but I wasn't sure if it was true. :) Sleep is one of those things I'm slowly learning to do without...

  14. Hope you have fun on your tour. I think Indie authors add to the reading experience. They don't (necessarily) have the same constraints as traditional authors and are free to explore their subject more fully. I've recently began adding Indie authors to my reading shelf and have had a richer experience. Good Luck, hope to get my paws on your book. Thanx.

  15. Hi there :)

    I've recently discovered the indie book scene and I love it so far! I love the whole community aspect of it and there is just something...idk...MORE to them :) I hope I get a chance to read your book soon!

  16. Thanks so much for supporting indie authors, Tanja and hense1kk :)

  17. Thanks for sharing! Haunted EBook sounds great. Looking forward to reading your books.

    bacchus76 at myself dot com

  18. This is really all authors should do to spread the news about their books. I think it's really great opportunity as well as great promotion. good luck!

  19. I just enjoyed the cover critiques on Supernatural Snark. I thought that For Love of a Pirate was going to be the clear winner. Then I kept scrolling and have declared a winner: HeartMate. Wow. The cat sidekick is what sealed the deal.

  20. Wow, this is quite the blog/marketing tour - exciting stuff. I'll definitely be buying HAUNTED!


  21. Haunted is definitely on my TBR list and I love book promo's with prizes. Great idea!


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