Wednesday, March 2, 2011

20 Kindle gift books and unlocking the Kindle DX Grand Prize - Today only at NRS Vamp Chick (Haunted E-book Tour)

Today's the day we're going to push The Haunted E-book to the top of the Kindle horror list and unlock the Kindle DX Grand Prize for the blog tour!

We're launching a Twitter campaign at NRS Vamp Chick, and I'm gifting up to 20 Kindle copies of The Haunted E-book today onlyRead today's blog tour post for details, and please let other people know about the promotion today!  Thanks so much for all your help, everyone!

PS: Still wondering what The Haunted E-book is all about?  The Bewitched Bookworms posted a review on their blog today - check it out!  :)

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