Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Haunted E-book Tour: The (Dead) End of the Tour

It's just about time to close the evil spellbooks, pack the chains in the old trunk in the attic, and call in the exorcist—you've reached the end of The Haunted E-book Tour

Yes, we've been talking about ghosts for two months now, but the dark days of winter are over.  It's been a fun experience getting to know so many bloggers and readers, as well as doing these giveaways while trying to on the topic of ghosts for two months. 

I want to thank all those who have hosted the tour, and all the readers who participated, for making this a memorable and wonderful experience that I won't repeat again unless I lose my mind.  And I want to thank all the great indie authors who donated ebooks for The Haunted Library Grand Prize!

I started planning the tour back in November, with no real idea what I was doing, except that I wanted to reach out and find new people who might enjoy my writing.  Since then, everything has changed.  The number of people reading my books has grown tremendously, so much that I could afford beautiful new book covers from Phatpuppy Art and hire Scott Nicholson to do a full line edit on my next book, Tommy Nightmare, which comes out next month. 

Tommy Nightmare is the sequel to Jenny Pox, and I plan to have it out in April, since my wife's having a baby boy in May.  So I assume I’ll be busy then.

When I started putting books out on Kindle, I never imagined how far things would go and how fast they would evolve.  Scott has been an important part of this journey.  He edited the Jenny Pox “partial” (the first five chapters) back when I was querying lots of New York literary agents about it in late 2009, and he told me that I should look into this Kindle thing, because interesting developments were happening with ebooks.

They've turned out to be quite interesting—I now hear from readers all over the world, and lots of people have messaged me in various ways to let me know they are eager for the Jenny Pox sequel.  This new book is the first one I've written with the knowledge that an audience was actually anticipating it, which makes the writing process both more exciting and a bit more challenging, too.  In fact, Jenny Pox is going to be a trilogy, with the third book coming out by the fall.  So, hopefully people will like that second one.

I should also thank Amanda Hocking, without whom Jenny Pox might still be a very obscure book.  Also thanks to Vicki Keire for her insightful beta read of Tommy Nightmare, and her feedback definitely improved the book.  As I write this, the manuscript is on its way home from Scott to me, and I expect to release Tommy Nightmare sometime in April.

In the meantime, I have some Grand Prizes to give you!  Commenting on this post within seven days enters you to win one of these great prizes: The Haunted Library ebook collection, a Kindle 3 with WiFi, and a Kindle DX—the more you've commented on the tour stops, the greater your chance to be one of the three Grand Prize winners.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, it looks like I have a novel to revise and hundreds of Grand Prize entries to tabulate.  Thanks to everyone who’s followed the tour!  I hope it has been educational and you’ve learned lots of useful information about ghosts that you can apply in your everyday life.  However, I doubt it.

Thanks again!

JL Bryan


  1. Congrats on a great tour, i cant wait to read Tommy Nightmare.
    Also, grats on the baby boy! Hope he is healthy and bouncy!

  2. Congrats on the upcoming baby boy! There isn't much that compare to that! I'm thankful for Amanda's blog or I probably wouldn't have known who you were and I love the worlds I am being drawn into with your writing! Thank you for the contests and clever blogs! This really has been so much fun to follow! I wish I would have found it sooner!

  3. Thanks for having me on the tour. It's been hilariously informative. I am looking forward to Tommy Nightmare. And I would be fibbing if I said I wasn't looking forward to hearing I won a fabulous prize for tagging along the tour. Talk to you and the missus soon! XOXO

  4. Its been a great tour. Really enjoyed the posts. Very entertaining.

    bacchus76 at myself dot com

  5. i really enjoyed following your posts along the tour.

    sgiden at

  6. Thanks, everyone! I've had a great time talking with all of you :)

  7. Hiya Jeff! While I find your giveaway fantastic, I'm not officially entering it here ;-) Just wanted to comment to say thanks for allowing me to participate both in this blog tour and for giving me the chance to read "Jenny Pox." And congrats on the baby boy who is on the way! We just might share a birthday as I'm a May baby as well :-) I am looking forward to Tommy Nightmare, as well :-)


  8. You think you're busy now? : ) Wait until that baby comes. The good news is you'll be up late nights so you'll be able to communicate with ghosts at their favorite time of day.

  9. Yay! Congratulations on finishing the tour and on your fabulous baby news!

  10. Just found the blog tour today. Oh well, better late than never. I have been reading about the concept of putting out books on Kindle and how an author can grow a fan base. The world of authors has really changed in the last 10 years. I'll check out your books on Amazon. Congrats on the baby. My one piece of advice is the really embrace and enjoy that first few exhausted months. It ends too quickly and those memories will be something the cherish.

  11. I too did not know of your works until I believe I read the beginning of Jenny Pox at the end of one of Amanda Hocking's books. I read all sorts of books and do not really have a preference as to what type. I have just always enjoyed reading. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed Jenny Pox. What a disturbing and fabulous story! I wish you luck with all of your writing and am looking forward to you writing the remaining books in the Jenny Pox series. I have purchased Helix I believe and will read that one soon.
    Polly Medford

  12. Congratulations on your book tour. I was really impressed by the variety of your posts and how fun they were.

  13. Hooray, a baby!

    I'm so glad for all your good news. This must have been a challenge. Take a deep breath and enjoy the moment before it all changes again. Tell your wife she looks beautiful -- the third trimester is a little tricky on the ego.

    I can't wait for the next book.

    Josie Wade

  14. This has been a phenomenal tour!!! You really did some amazing post! Thanks for letting us be a part of it!

  15. Darkeva - Thanks for all your help along the way! I just wish there were more horror blogs like yours. :)

    Eph - Good point, and I may have attracted some ghosts with this blog tour...

    Thanks, Karen!

    Jen - I'll be sure to take your advice, thanks :)

    Polly- Thanks, I'm very glad you enjoyed Jenny Pox!

    Thanks, Anne!

    Thanks for your advice, too, Josie. The next book will be out before too long, just a few more weeks...

    Thanks for having me over, Pushy!

  16. Oh wow. A daddy in May, huh? Congrats! Start stockpiling sleep now! I really enjoyed your blog tour. It was the best ever, and Tommy Nightmare is... it's... It's just really awesome. I can't wait 'til it hits and I can blab its awesomeness to the world.
    Have you thought about t shirts? It would make a really cool t shirt. I know a guy. I'm probably too excited, but I'm just sayin'.