Friday, March 4, 2011

Haunted E-book Tour: "Is Your Kindle Haunted?" at Fishmuffins of Doom - and Kindle DX update..

Today at Fishmuffins of Doom, we discuss the important issue of how to tell whether your Kindle is haunted, and some solutions to that problem.

Also...considering all the good reasons people gave me yesterday on this blog, and the fact that people are really buying The Haunted E-book and Jenny Pox like crazy today, I can go ahead and unlock the Kindle DX!

Your comment at Fishmuffins enters you to win one of the blog tour grand prizes: The Haunted Library, the Kindle with WiFi...or the Kindle DX.

And you still have time to gain additional grand prize entries by commenting at NRS Vamp Chick and Dollar Bin Horror.

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