Friday, March 25, 2011

How I Became Part of a Girl Gang...

I'll be announcing the blog tour grand prize winners this evening or tomorrow.  Right now, I just want to ramble about some good things.

It started with Amanda Hocking - back in October, she bought Jenny Pox and liked it so much she offered to excerpt it in her novel Ascend.  She was already one of the world's most successful indies, but since then she's gone on to sell a million books.  As you can imagine, this has really helped me find new readers, and I constantly get emails, reviews, and Facebook and Twitter messages from people telling me they discovered my books through Amanda.

Yesterday, it was announced that she'd signed a $2 million deal with St. Martin's Press for her new series "Watersong."  I know what Watersong is about, but I'm not sure if that information is public yet, so I just want to say that it's a brilliant concept, maybe the best idea I've ever heard for a paranormal romance series, and I fully expect her to find millions of new fans as a result of this deal.  So congratulations to Amanda, and thanks for bringing me along on your coattails there.  I can totally afford baby supplies now.

On top of this, Stacey Wallace Benefiel also discovered Jenny Pox and liked it, and offered to trade excerpts with her novel Glimpse, the first book in her very successful Zellie Wells series.  We did that a couple of months ago.  Soon, the third book in her series, Glow, will be available!  Stacey is a wonderful writer and her books make fantastic reading.

Then I met Vicki Keire, a recovering academic who shares my love of Romantic literature.  Her writing is very rich and a pleasure to read.  We've just swapped excerpts, too - she put the first chapters of Jenny Pox in her wonderful book Gifts of the Blood, and you'll find Gifts excerpted in the Jenny Pox sequel, Tommy Nightmare, which comes out next month.  She also beta read Tommy for me and gave some great insights that have improved the books.

Now, I also traded excerpts with Valmore Daniels, between my book Helix and his cool sf book Forbidden the Stars, but I'm not sure he'd want to be included in my "girl gang" motif here.

I really like doing this, when the books are appropriate for excerpt-trading.  Any success I have is automatically shared with these other writers, and the success of Amanda, Stacey, Vicki and Valmore is obviously great for me.  It gives us extra reasons to cheer for each others' progress and support each other, and removes some of the inherent loneliness from writing and from being an indie.

If you haven't tried these authors, I recommend their work, and I can vouch for them all being very nice people, too.  I think it's neat to be part of a girl gang.  Maybe Valmore feels the same way. :)


  1. Now you just need a satin jacket and a cool nickname.

  2. Love it! I think I might have to get us all embroidered satin jackets. I'll get you a black one so it won't be embarrassing. :)
    Okay, seriously - trading excerpts is one of the easiest ways to find new readers. If you like an indie book and feel like your readership is similar, it never hurts to ask politely for a excerpt trade.
    And I loved what you said about it giving us extra reasons to cheer for each others' progress. So true!
    You Rock!

  3. Christina - Nicknames don't stick to me, you know. Many have tried.

    Stacey - Oh, as long as it's black and doesn't have too much glitter...or ANY rhinestones...

    I agree - excerpt trading is great! Thirty seconds of copy/paste leading to who knows how many new can't beat that.