Sunday, March 6, 2011

New book covers, and last chance to get an old-fashioned Jenny Pox paperback

I've redone most of the book covers in the last few weeks.  Here's the new cover for Dominion:

And here's the new Helix cover, with fantastic image work by Phatpuppy Art (the model portraying Bast is Exhayle Sweet):

Phatpuppy also did the new covers for Jenny Pox and the upcoming sequel, Tommy Nightmare:


The new cover has not been added to the Jenny Pox paperback, but it will be by April, when Tommy Nightmare is released in ebook and paperback.

So if you want one of the classic, original, soon-to-be-a-rare-collector's-item Jenny Pox paperback with the "Ashleigh Goodling's Notebook" cover, you only have a couple weeks left. Then those paperbacks will no longer be produced. The new paperbacks will feature the new cover, a smaller trim size and cream paper instead of white. Wouldn't you like to own a rare early edition of Jenny Pox? :)

What do you think of all these new covers?


  1. You already know I like the Jenny Pox and Tommy Nightmare covers -- the Dominion and Helix covers are great! I think these will really draw people into the books. I'm really liking that Dominion cover. It really looks like the title.

    Shallow person that I am I had put off buying that book before, but now I am going to have to download it soon.

    Keep up the good work.

    Josie Wade.

  2. I really like all the new covers. I've been looking at Dominion for a while - it's dystopian isn't it? I've umm'ed and ahh'ed over getting it but it looked more kinda male orientated somehow with the old cover. Now with this new one it makes me feel like it's more 'unisex'. One to add to my collection soon I think!

  3. Thanks Josie and Karen! I agree the cover for Dominion (yes, it's a dystopian novel) was the biggest improvement. That's the first one I put on Amazon and I had no idea what I was doing then :)

  4. I really love the new covers. They're really eye catching and give your stories the epic feel they deserve. Your cover artist did a great job :)