Saturday, July 2, 2011

25% off Jenny Pox, Tommy Nightmare and Helix for the Smashwords sale!

During July, you can get 25% off Jenny Pox, Tommy Nightmare and Helix as part of the Smashwords site-wide promotion sale thingy.  Smashwords provides ebooks in all formats, so if you change readers (like from a Nook to a Kindle) you don't have to re-buy the books in a new format.  Just enter coupon code SSW25 at checkout to receive the discount.

You can also download Stacey Benefiel's book Day of Sacrifice for free as part of the promotion!

In other news, my beard is huge because I've been off work for weeks.  And the baby said his first word: "Waaah!"


  1. I'm sure that word will be said many more times!! I can't wait for the final Jenny Pox book! Any idea when it will be out? Also any updates on posting a soundtrack to go with your books? I know you are busy with the baby but just wondering =)

  2. Hi Erica! The new Jenny Pox book should be out in September, I think.