Saturday, July 16, 2011

Big news: Helix re-engineered, and a new Bewitched Bookworms review of Jenny Pox

Danny is the third Bewitched Bookworm to review Jenny Pox - happily, she liked it, too.  See her review here.  (You can also see the first Bookworms review, by Heather and Pushy Fox.  This was back in October 2010, and there's a lovely comment from super-bestselling author Amanda Hocking.  While we're at it, don't forget The Slowest Bookworm's review of Jenny Pox from back in October, too.)  The Bewitched Bookworms have a fun blog, and these ladies have Ph.D's in fields like chemistry and biology--proving the old saying that "smart girls love Jenny Pox."

But there's other big news today.  Helix is one of the first books I put out on Kindle back in 2009, when I had no budget and only idiots expected to make money self-publishing.   This year, it's been redesigned with a cover from Phatpuppy Art.

Recently, I had Russell Phillips of The Creative Source give Helix an overhaul.  This included a full copy edit and redesigning the typography.  For the paperback, he did some nifty full-wrap cover art and fully formatted the interior pages to give everything a fresh, crisp look.  If you're an indie author and you're ready to invest in a professional-grade book, I'd recommend Russell--he's highly skilled, fast, and passionate about making books the best they can be.

The upgraded Helix is now live on Amazon (paperback or Kindle), Nook, and Smashwords, so this is a great time to try the book!

Also, Russell decided to design a logo for me, so I'll be adding that here and there as I go. It looks like this:

I think it's pretty neat to have a logo for my books!  Now make some comments so I don't feel lonely.


  1. Oh how you tempt me to swell my to-read list :p


    It's nifty to see the before and after pics on the Creative Source website. Subtle changes.

  2. HOW can you feel lonely with that baby taking up all of your time ??? lol

    I definitely like the logo, If it were me, I'd let it get to my head and paste it on everything I car, my books, my computer, my neice's forehead...

  3. I haven't read Helix yet. But I love the Jenny Pox books so much, I think I will give it a try!

  4. I've had Helix and Dominion on my Kindle for a while now. Hmm, I wonder if Amazon will let me redownload so I get the new covers? I'll have to give that a try. Russell has done a great job with the new cover, although I did actually like the old cover for Helix ...

  5. I simply love your new cover arts!!! Totally catching and unique! And I'd liketo mention that I still don't have my eff.. PhD .. I'd need a good editor lol :))

    But thanks for the shout out and it makes me feel especially good that you call me smart ....

  6. Thanks, Claire. The changes are bigger in the print version, really. The whole layout was reformatted.

    Andra - That's what I need to be doing, but I'm too lazy.

    Erica - Thanks! I'm glad you liked Jenny Pox!

    Karen - Yeah, as far as the ebook cover, it was just some typesetting changes.

    Danny - Thanks! I don't have my Ph.D, either, but I haven't really been trying.