Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Why I hate haircuts

I need a haircut again, but it's going to be a long while before I get one.  I don't enjoy it on a number of levels.  First, it seems like a tedious way to spend any amount of time, just sitting there and making awkward conversation with some random person who's under the impression that I want to have a conversation, when what I really want is to close my eyes, take a nap, and wake up with the whole thing done.

When you sit down, they ask how you want it cut.  Now, this is an obvious question for them to ask, but it ALWAYS catches me off-guard.  I feel like I've done enough just making the time and showing up, and now I suddenly need a plan and a vision.  I don't know!  Just trim it or something.  Since I work in an office, I'd like it cut so short I don't have to do anything with it in the morning.  My wife wants it longer than that, so this leaves me at a loss.  I usually end up trusting the judgment of some random hair-cutting person: "Just do whatever you think is best.  You probably know better than I do."

If I didn't have the day job, I'd almost never get my hair cut, because the experience is so annoying to me.  When I'm off work--for example, when I just took two months of leave for the birth of my son--I pretty much revert to my college hippie look in about a week.  My beard grows really fast.  Did you ever see that Discovery Channel documentary where they show how rapidly the wilderness would overtake the cities if humans disappeared?  That's what happens with my face when I'm not going to a day job.  The wilderness is always waiting just below the surface.

Now, my wife has me go to the salon in the same strip mall as her pet supply store, and so my ears get waxed, too.  I sort of don't have a choice, the ladies at the salon sort of insist on it.  And here's the weird part: I don't really mind it.  It's kind of a ripping, tearing pain, but it feels like progress.  It's not the extended snip-snip tedium of watching someone trim your hair for thirty minutes while they tell you about their boyfriend/kids/dog.  So maybe I should just get my whole head waxed and be done with it.

Monday, August 29, 2011

"JL Bryan completely and UTTERLY blew me away for a second time" - The Bookish Brunette reviews Tommy Nightmare

Ashley from Bookish Brunette has just posted her review of Tommy Nightmare.  I'm going to say it was fairly positive.  Remember, Alexander Death, the final book in The Paranormals trilogy, comes out...really soon. 

Read the new review at:

Bookish Brunette

Friday, August 26, 2011

With My Last Breath - Third book in Courtney Cole's Bloodstone Saga now available!

For fans of Courtney Cole and her Bloodstone Saga books, you'll be excited to know that the third book in the series, With My Last Breath, is now available on Amazon and Nook!

If you enjoy Jenny Pox, you might enjoy Courtney's series, which also involves reincarnation and ancient past lives.  The first book is Every Last Kiss, also available on Kindle and Nook!

Have a great weekend!  I'll be finishing up my new book (not Alexander Death, which is away with the editor, but my next book after that).

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Ask me anything...

This is that magical day when I turn the blog over to you, my wonderful blog readers, to ask any question you like.  I will even try to answer them!  Don't everybody crowd in at once!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Ashleigh vs. Ashley: Ashleigh Goodling responds to Bookish Brunette's review of Jenny Pox

As you know, being someone who reads my blog, Ashley from The Bookish Brunette posted a review of Jenny Pox yesterday.

Apparently, Ashleigh Goodling (the villain from Jenny Pox) read the review and felt compelled to write a rebuttal.  You can read it here:

Bookish Brunette

Strong words from Ashleigh to Ashley...

Thursday, August 18, 2011

"As book bloggers we go into every book we read, hoping to find the next ONE."

Check out Bookish Brunette's rave review of Jenny Pox here:

Bookish Brunette

She gave it five stilettos.  Nobody's ever given me stiletto heels before...

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Some updates...

Just checking in, since my blog is looking a little dusty and the doors are starting to squeak. 

First, little John Lewis is doing great!  He turns 10 this week (10 weeks, that is!).  His hobbies include eating, kicking, looking at window blinds, eating, staring at people, grumbling, eating, and sleeping.  He especially likes the smiling orange monkey that hangs over his pen in the living room.  He thinks the monkey is much cooler than the lion or the elephant.

Now, some book-type news:

Alexander Death, the final book in The Paranormals trilogy, is with the editor and should be out sometime in September.  I'll announce a specific release day in a couple of weeks, when I have a better idea of when it will be ready for you.

If you're on Goodreads, you can add it to your to-read list here: (Hm, it looks like somebody rated it two stars even though it isn't available yet...Must be low expectations!)

The Glassheart Chronicles anthology, which includes a side story about one of Jenny Morton's past lives, is now available for Kindle and Nook.

I'm also contributing stories to a couple of other anthologies.  One will be available in October, the other in February, so I'll update when more information is available!

Finally, I'm more than halfway through the first book in my next trilogy, and I'm having a huge amount of fun writing this new story. The new trilogy will be YA paranormal and appropriate for all ages.  More clues about that to come!  I'm hoping to have the first book out in October, and the second and third books out over the following 2-4 months.

October is also when Jenny Pox, Tommy Nightmare, and Alexander Death go on tour with the help of Kismet Book Touring.  We'll be giving away a Nook Color, jewelry inspired by The Paranormals trilogy, and more--so mark your calender, or whatever you do.

And those are all the updates on my end!  How are you?

Monday, August 15, 2011

61 A.D., Black God's War and other great new reads...

This is just a quick note to let you know about some great new books that are just out.  First, David McAfee has finally released 61 A.D., the highly anticipated sequel to 33 A.D., a book that explored vampires in Jerusalem at the time of Jesus.  The new book looks into the fascinating world of Roman Britannia and the ancient city of Londinium. You can pick them up on Kindle:

Also new is Black God's War by Moses Siregar.  He originally released a portion of the book as a novella, which has gathered tremendous reviews and acclaim.  This book has been four years in the works, and you can tell by the extremely high quality of the writing.

Another great new release is The Wayfarer King, sequel to The Kinshield Legacy, by my fellow Atlantan K.C. May. These books are among the bestsellers in the entire Amazon store, because they are great epic fantasy reads!

All of these are great authors and very nice, people, too, so give their books a try if you're looking for some great reads this August!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Coming in October - The Paranormals Blog Tour

The Paranormals are going on tour in October!  With the help of Kismet Book Touring, I'll be visiting blogs for three weeks talking about Jenny Pox, Tommy Nightmare, and the third book in the trilogy, Alexander Death (which is still on track to come out in September).

The prizes will include a Nook Color (with custom Alexander gelskin), several custom pieces of jewelry based on the trilogy, and more!

Find out more at

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Bookish Brunette: Waiting on Wednesday: Alexander Death by J.L. Brya...

Ashley at The Bookish Brunette ramps up her passionate bookmance with The Paranormals series in today's Waiting on Wednesday, which also reveals the book description for Alexander Death for the first time anywhere ever. Check it out! You should.

The Bookish Brunette: Waiting on Wednesday: Alexander Death by J.L. Brya...: