Monday, August 15, 2011

61 A.D., Black God's War and other great new reads...

This is just a quick note to let you know about some great new books that are just out.  First, David McAfee has finally released 61 A.D., the highly anticipated sequel to 33 A.D., a book that explored vampires in Jerusalem at the time of Jesus.  The new book looks into the fascinating world of Roman Britannia and the ancient city of Londinium. You can pick them up on Kindle:

Also new is Black God's War by Moses Siregar.  He originally released a portion of the book as a novella, which has gathered tremendous reviews and acclaim.  This book has been four years in the works, and you can tell by the extremely high quality of the writing.

Another great new release is The Wayfarer King, sequel to The Kinshield Legacy, by my fellow Atlantan K.C. May. These books are among the bestsellers in the entire Amazon store, because they are great epic fantasy reads!

All of these are great authors and very nice, people, too, so give their books a try if you're looking for some great reads this August!

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