Monday, August 29, 2011

"JL Bryan completely and UTTERLY blew me away for a second time" - The Bookish Brunette reviews Tommy Nightmare

Ashley from Bookish Brunette has just posted her review of Tommy Nightmare.  I'm going to say it was fairly positive.  Remember, Alexander Death, the final book in The Paranormals trilogy, comes out...really soon. 

Read the new review at:

Bookish Brunette


  1. You're UNSURE on whether or not it was POSITIVE?! I am DYING for Alexander Nightmare!

  2. I wish that really soon meant today because I'm dying for it as well.

  3. Okay and here's the other reason I haven't posted my reviews except on twitter b/c I have to compete with Bookish here, Jenny at Supernatural Snark, the Bewitched Bookworms and on and on. I've read their review. It's intimidating. So you know, I let the excitement die down and then write mine.
    And everyone will get excited over my reviews b/c I'm doing a double review!!