Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Some updates...

Just checking in, since my blog is looking a little dusty and the doors are starting to squeak. 

First, little John Lewis is doing great!  He turns 10 this week (10 weeks, that is!).  His hobbies include eating, kicking, looking at window blinds, eating, staring at people, grumbling, eating, and sleeping.  He especially likes the smiling orange monkey that hangs over his pen in the living room.  He thinks the monkey is much cooler than the lion or the elephant.

Now, some book-type news:

Alexander Death, the final book in The Paranormals trilogy, is with the editor and should be out sometime in September.  I'll announce a specific release day in a couple of weeks, when I have a better idea of when it will be ready for you.

If you're on Goodreads, you can add it to your to-read list here: (Hm, it looks like somebody rated it two stars even though it isn't available yet...Must be low expectations!)

The Glassheart Chronicles anthology, which includes a side story about one of Jenny Morton's past lives, is now available for Kindle and Nook.

I'm also contributing stories to a couple of other anthologies.  One will be available in October, the other in February, so I'll update when more information is available!

Finally, I'm more than halfway through the first book in my next trilogy, and I'm having a huge amount of fun writing this new story. The new trilogy will be YA paranormal and appropriate for all ages.  More clues about that to come!  I'm hoping to have the first book out in October, and the second and third books out over the following 2-4 months.

October is also when Jenny Pox, Tommy Nightmare, and Alexander Death go on tour with the help of Kismet Book Touring.  We'll be giving away a Nook Color, jewelry inspired by The Paranormals trilogy, and more--so mark your calender, or whatever you do.

And those are all the updates on my end!  How are you?


  1. Kick ass! I loved the Glass Heart Chronicles, so I'm really excited to see everything else you're working on.

  2. I love hearing you will have another trilogy! Can't wait to read all of them!!

  3. Thanks, Britany & Erica! I think you'll like the new trilogy :)

  4. Love the news on your little babe! As a mom of 5, you forgot poop... and poop... and.... you get my point. And if you didn't forget, maybe that is why he is grumbling. ;)

    I've been reading the "Thirst" series. Not quite sure what I think of it, yet. I thought it had hope, but I'm in book two and still it keeps me wondering if I should keep going. Have you read it?

    I'm very excited for your new trilogy! Please keep the clues coming! It's much fun! And the tour in Oct, you better count me in! Happy Days until then!

  5. I'm good thank you, and Wow, you have been busy! OMG a paranormal YA trilogy? *squeals* I am so excited now :D

    Glad to hear little JL is doing well.

  6. Thanks, Life Outloud! I haven't read any of the "Thirt" series, so I don't know much about it!

    Hi, Karen! Yes, the new trilogy won't give you nightmares :)