Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Dark Tomorrows, Second Edition released! And Jenny Pox news

I've massively upgraded my short story collection Dark Tomorrows into a second edition.  It still contains the original stories by me and by Amanda Hocking, but now includes stories from six top indie authors of paranormal and horror.  There are 'drabbles' from Mike Crane (master of the short-short-short horror story), the complete Day of Sacrifice novella by S.W. Benefiel, and excellent contributions from Joel Arnold, Robert Duperre, Vicki Keire, and Daniel Pyle.

The ebook is only 99 cents on Kindle and Nook, and it's free on Smashwords!

You can also buy it in paperback for $6.99 on Amazon .

Jenny Pox-related news: There's a new review of the first book from Jennie over at My Cute Bookshelf:

Also, Ashley at Bookish Brunette picked Jenny Pox for a 'Crowned Review,' which is a new feature for books that she feels deserve more than five stars (er, stilettos). She gives the honor to Jonathan Maberry, Rhiannon Frater, and this guy (points to self with two thumbs). The award looks like this (click to read more):

Thanks, Ashley, Jennie, and also to all the authors who contributed to Dark Tomorrows.  Today's post actually feels a little bit newsy!  A little bit.


  1. Does the new addition give a happy ending to "The Fortune Teller"? That one really sticks with you.

  2. WIN!!! You LOVE my stilettos... just admit it! And you are in the company of the great Jonathan Maberry and the amazing Rhiannon Frater... You=WIN! ;)

  3. You forgot one very, very, very important contributor. =D

  4. Hey, at least it got a comment out of you. Fixed it now :)

  5. You should have heard the comments I made but didn't post.