Monday, October 17, 2011

Blog tour launch! Win prizes, make friends, read blogs.

Today is the first day of The Paranormals blog tour, which has been made easy on me by the ladies at Kismet Book Tours.

We'll be playing a "Trick or Treat" game throughout the tour. "Treats" include Jenny Pox-related jewelry and signed books.

The grand prize for the tour is a Kindle Fire tablet.

The first stop will be today at Bewitched Bookworms:

Bewitched Bookworms

Good luck, and thanks for joining me on this tour!

Also, I was interviewed by a cat named Rocco, who belongs to author Toni LoTempio, one of the contributors to the Every Witch Way But Wicked collection.  Read the consequences on Rocco's blog today.


  1. Great! Looking forward to alexanders week too.

  2. Splendid time to play "Trick or Treat" game and pass time throughout tour.