Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Announcing the winner of the Kindle Fire giveaway!

Many thanks to all the Paranormals blog tour hosts and everyone who participated! We can now announce the winner of the grand prize, a Kindle Fire tablet!

And the randomly selected winner is...Unabridged Andra!

This makes me particularly happy, since Andra has been a big supporter of my books and has even posted one of the first reviews of Fairy Metal Thunder, the first book in my new series. 

Congratulations to Andra!  The Fire was pre-ordered the first day they became available and should be coming sometime later this month, as soon as Amazon starts shipping them.

Also, don't miss Stephanie's great review and paperback giveaway for Fairy Metal Thunder over on Misfit Salon:


  1. Congrats Andra! But I'm still upset I didn't win :( It was fun reading all of the neat things everyday though! You are an amazing writer!!!

  2. P.S. When is your next book coming out?!?! :)

  3. Thanks, Erica! It's still possible you'll win one of the other treats, like a paperback or that's something! I'm really glad you enjoyed the tour!

    I very recently put out Fairy Metal Thunder (just 99 cents!), and the sequel to that, Fairy Blues, comes out in December!

  4. Awesome blog tour. So sad I didn't get the fire but I've really enjoyed all the posts!

  5. Congrats Unabridged Andra! It was a awesome blog tour!

  6. I've read Fairy Metal Thunder, I bought it the day it came out :) It was very different but in all good ways! I can't wait to see what happens next! I love the fact that your books don't take too long to come out, I hate waiting a year or more to read the next book in a sequel. And my fingers are crossed for those bracelets! =)

  7. Thanks for coming along, Britany & SacredmOOn!

    Erica - Thank you! Yeah, the new fairy books are pretty different, I always like to try new things. They're fun to write. :)

  8. Congrats Andra!!!

    Jeff this was such a fun tour! You did such a great job with the special content.
    I'm doing NaNo so I'm just barely reading, books I promised other authors I'd read. But I can't wait to finish reading Fairy Metal Thunder. The beginning was great, but then I'd expect nothing less from you. You've got a pretty high standard to live up to with the Paranormals series.

    That was a great last post at Jenny's blog! See you on Twitter!

    Heather Rosdol

  9. Hi Heather! Thanks for hosting!

    Yep, I certainly hope people like the new series as much as The Paranormals...I just don't have more to write about Jenny right now! I have a few ideas for the future but I don't know when I'll revisit that story.

  10. Congrats Andra! I know we all seethe with jealousy but are super happy for you! This has definitely been my fav blog tour I've seen yet! Good work everyone!

    Pabkins @ Mission to Read

  11. Congratulations Andra! enjoy and be sure to let us all know how you like it :)

  12. OMG!!! Thanks SO much Jeff! This is so amazing!!! But I feel like I should be giving YOU something because without you I(and the world) wouldn't have gotten the epitome of awesome books, the Paranormals series!!

    Seriously, Jenny Pox was one of the things that got me from considering to start a blog to actually doing it...I NEEDED to show the world how amazing Jenny and Seth were!!

    I had a BLAST on this tour! I always do when I get to see more about the fabulous worlds you create Jeff! I particularly loved the character interviews :) It was great seeing some of the lesser characters come to life!

    Thanks to the rest of everyone in the comments!! Jenny and the gang aren't the only amazing pieces of awesomesauce that Jeff has cooked up. I love the Haunted ebook, Fairy Metal Thunder...actually...I've read everything except Helix and have totally fallen in love with all of them so GO...Go buy all of them from amazon or it now!!!

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  14. Thanks Pabkins & Denise!

    Congrats to you Andra! I'm happy somebody nice like you was the winner!