Friday, March 9, 2012

Fairy Blues, The Gate II, and Other News...

Hiya!  So, here are some recent things that have happened.  Mimi Valentine has a fantastic review of Fairy Blues up on her blog today, the kind of great review that even makes me more enthusiastic about this new series...Thanks, Mimi!

I also did a Team Unicorn post at YA-Aholic.  The little giveaway's expired now, but it's a fun post, sort of a National Wildlife Treasury-style summary of the unicorn species.  Thanks to Haley for having me over!

Also, Amy at Simple Love of Reading just posted this quick n' lovely review of Fairy Metal Thunder.

The third fairy book is off with Vicki Keire, who edits the series!  So it will likely be out before very long.  It has another fun fairy cover by Ekaterina Veklova.  So I hope you're ready for more magic, music, fairies, and monsters...

Finally, I should have mentioned this already, but The Gate 2 anthology is out.  This is a collection edited by Robert Duperre, featuring stories by a number of great indie horror and thriller writers.  The first story is by me: "Plastic," about a man with a deteriorating mind who lives in a big indoor shopping mall in post-apocalyptic America.  It's probably my favorite short story I've ever written, so check it out!  The collection is free on Kindle right now:

Thanks for stopping by today! Comments and questions are always welcome!


  1. Yes! Can't wait for the third in the Songs of Magic to come out!! And another free book! Horror isn't my thing, but if it's your favorite short story you've written, well, I must read it. Off to Kindle store!


  2. I'm slowly working my way through The Gate 2. Really enjoyed your story btw -- very bleak!

  3. "Plastic" is one of the best stories I've ever read. They should make a movie of it like "Castaway." Some actor could really make that work. Rainn Wilson? He's good. ...Shakes Magic Eightball...Outlook Good! I just bought Helix and Dark Tomorrows, looking forward to the reads.

  4. I didn't read it. But now I'm so excited to read it.

  5. Thanks, Heather, hope you enjoy it!

    Derek - Yeah, I think I made it fit the "isolation" theme pretty well...Thanks!

    Thanks, Mike and shohag!