Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Now offering editing services for a limited number of indies!

I'm starting a new sideline this summer: editing books for indie authors.  I've had a number of indie authors contact me for various kinds of advice over the past year or two, and I feel like I want to help out in an organized way.  As an indie myself, I know it can be difficult to find good editing services that fit an indie budget, and I enjoy helping the indie community when I can, so I've decided to embark on this adventure.

I am looking to edit books in the following genres: paranormal, contemporary fantasy, horror, dystopian, and science fiction.  I am keeping the number of books fairly limited, but I look forward to working with some indies and helping them develop their craft.

If you have any questions, email me.  Thanks!


  1. Thanks, Rhiannon! I think it will be fun.

  2. Super! I am desperate trying to find a new copy editor! I'll email you :)

  3. Now to chain myself to the computer and finish writing!

  4. Great, Bryan, we can make a team too ;)
    Check my blog for my work