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Midsummer Dream Fair Day 11: The Dragon Ride

For today's post, I invited epic fantasy writer and eminent dragonologist Daniel Arenson to stop by and give us a brief education on these magnificent and hot-tempered beasts...


In my fantasy novels, dragons face many enemies: griffins, shadowy demons, zombies, giant phoenixes, and more. Dragons are among the mightiest creatures imagined; it's not easy finding them worthy adversaries.

Let's look at some rejected dragon foes and how the duels might unfold.

Dragon vs. Godzilla

Godzilla is one of the world's most formidable beasts. He's quite larger than most dragons are usually portrayed, standing three hundred feet tall. While he tends to lollop rather slowly, he can rapidly slide on his tail, as seen in Godzilla vs. Megalon. He defeated many powerful enemies, such as the aforementioned Megalon, Mothra, and many others. While dragons can blow fire, Godzila can spew death rays. His thick hide is invulnerable to nearly any weapon.

A dragon seems to have only one advantage: flight. A dragon would presumably fly around Godzilla, raining fire upon him. But would dragonfire hurt the legendary monster? In many movies, Godzi's thick hide withstood human weapons, such as guns. Surely it could take a lot of dragonfire. As that dragonfire rained, Godzilla would unleash his own fiery breath, felling even the mighty dragon from the sky.

Dragon vs. Godzilla: Godzilla wins

Dragon vs. Dinosaur

The closest real animals to dragons are the dinosaurs. Stick some wings onto a T-Rex, and he's almost a dragon. But who'd win in a fight?

Any land based dinosaur – even if they were as large and strong as dragons – would be unable to stop a dragon swooping and raining down fire. And the flying dinosaurs were simply too flimsy compared to a dragon, not to mention that they lack fire. Seems like the answer here is easy.

Dragon vs. Dinosaur: Dragon wins

Dragon vs. F18

Fighter jets are the dragons of the modern era. They're about the same size. They fly. They're loud. They shoot fiery death. What if a dragon faced an F18?

Dragons are far more versatile. Requiring no runway to land or take flight, they can manoeuvre through tough areas. They can land on rocky mountains, sneak up on foot when necessary, and dive underwater for cover. They don't need to refuel, and can fly for hours on a belly full of game.

By comparison, fighter jets are high maintenance. They need that runway. They can't fly too long without refuelling. They're formidable fighters in the air, but useless on land or water.

However, F18s do have some advantages. They can fly much faster. A dragon, by flapping wings, would never break the sound barrier--not even close. F18s also have greater firepower. Their missiles have longer range, greater impact, and higher accuracy. An F18 would shoot a dragon from the sky far outside dragonfire range.

In a face off between a dragon and a fighter jet, modern technology would defeat the mythological beast.

Dragon vs. F18: F18 wins

Dragon vs. UFO

UFOs are mainstays of science fiction. From masterpieces like War of the Worlds to B-movie classics like Plan 9 from Outer Space, aliens in flying saucers are the genre's best known beasts. How would they fare in battle against fantasy's champions, the dragons?

UFOs are better flyers. They fly faster. They fly higher. Dragons, by comparison, are clumsy as pudgy pigeons. But what weapons do UFOs wield?

Their tractor beams can suck up humans, but dragons are too large to tug. If you're Ed Wood, your aliens can animate the dead, which would hardly trouble fire-breathing dragons, who'd roast the zombies from above. Some UFOs wield laser beams, but those always seem designed for attacking humans, not great fire-breathing reptiles.

Would dragons even see a UFO as a threat, or as a Frisbee?

Dragon vs. UFO: Dragon wins

Dragon vs. King Kong

In terms of sheer strength, King Kong – with his great, powerful muscles – might have the advantage. He could easily crush a dragon in his arms, just like he crushed those dinosaurs.

But Kong has one main disadvantage: thick, flammable fur. A dragon could swoop and torch him from a distance. Tragically, King Kong never beat those airplanes; he wouldn't beat a dragon either.

Dragon vs. King Kong: Dragon wins

Thanks for that insightful article, Daniel!  And now for the...

Giveaway!  One comment will win an ebook copy of Blood of Requiem, the first book in Daniel Arenson's Song of Dragons series, gifted via Kindle or Nook.


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  1. I think dragons should win in any situation because they are just that cool. And a UFO is definitely a frisbee to a dragon.
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  2. I haven't read too many dragon books. I do have some on my kindle waiting for me. When I think of dragons, I always think of Dragonheart. One of my favs.
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  3. Dragons are awesome. The supreme alpha- flight, strength, fire (plus I have heard that there are other dragons with different elemental capabilities, i.e.: water dragons that can spew ice streams instead of fire) I love dragon stories, you never know exactly where they are going to take you.
    lisa at vetteklisa dot com

  4. I have loved dragon stories since reading Anne McCaffrey's Dragonriders of Pern series so many, many years ago. I still love a good dragon tale.
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  5. I love dragons!! They are so cool and so many different types. I hope I win this it would be awesome!!

  6. Love the cover of the book!!

    Not sure if I agree on whether the dragon would always lose to an F-18, but I do agree with the others.
    (Although now I have Go Go Godzilla stuck in my head....)

    Thanks for the giveaway!


  7. Thanks for the giveaway! I normally don't read many dragon books but this one sounds interesting.

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  8. Fun post. The book sounds good.


  9. The dragon is a great beast. I think the UFO would give it more run for it's money though. It is a dragon verses alien technology that can actually fly through space. I love the idea of an ebook with dragons. Cross my fingers on my chances.

    GFC- Sheena-kay Graham

  10. Eragon was a great movie, I really liked it. I think there is a lot a writer can do with dragons, all those wonderful colors. I also like to read dragon shape shifters. They are super sexy. Thanks for a chance to win.
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  12. It is good to know should we have a dragon show up atleast we stand a chance. Dragons have always been one of my favorites. I enjoy dragon movies and books and I have a few dragon figures also. Thanks for the giveaway. If I win nothing else from this fair atleast I have been introduced to many great sounding books and some really awesome authors. Thanks!

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  18. I love dragon books. There is just something about them that is so strong and magic.
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