Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Midsummer Dream Fair Day 21: The Bandstand

(Today we have Vicki Keire as our guest.  She's going to help us learn about fairy kidnappings and how to avoid them, a topic to which musicians in particular should pay attention!)

Thanks for stopping by to visit the Bandstand at the Fair today! Come on in and make yourself comfortable, but make sure to draw the tent securely closed behind you. We don’t want any of them to hear us, right?

Before we get started with the actual musical entertainment, I wanted to take the time to warn you about a very serious problem.

Faerie kidnappings.

All across the globe, Faeries are stealing human musicians to perform for them. Enchanted by rock n roll, they can’t seem to get enough. After thousands of years of nothing but ballads and harps, Faeries are ready for a change. This has resulted in dozens of musicians going missing from the Southeast alone; who knows how big the problem is worldwide. Often, these poor stolen humans leave families and band members behind, and spend the rest of their days playing for their cruel otherworldly hosts.

One of my very own characters had a brush-in with the Fey that almost resulted in her own kidnapping; Caspia Chastain is an art student and character in my novel Gifts of the Blood. She barely escaped the Faeries with her sanity intact. She’s here with me to talk about the experience, and to help warn any of you creative types out there about what you’re up against.

Where did you first encounter the faeries?
I was at work when they came in. I work at the only coffee shop in town, and I was just about to close when they walked in. The only other person with me was the guy who plays acoustic guitar twice a week. They seemed particularly interested in him.

Did you know right away that you were under attack from Faeries?
No, not at all. They glamoured me. All I knew was that these amazing, hypnotic beings had come into my workplace and brought . . . the beach with them. And, um, a ballroom of some kind. And we were dancing, and it was awfully hard to think clearly.

What were they like, the faeries?
They were beautiful, but in a cold, cutting kind of way. The ones who came for us had these gorgeous eyes, except they were slit vertically, like a cat’s. When I look back, what stands out isn’t so much the Fey themselves, but rather the atmosphere they created. They seemed to bring a beautiful world with them, one that a human could easily get lost in forever.

What did they want with humans?
It was immediately clear they’d come for our musician, my friend Jack. He’s a great guitarist. There were two Faeries who were obviously in charge, and they just up and announced they wanted to take him back to a place they called the Summer Court. They only became interested in me once they found out I was an artist, and then they tried to take me too.

What do you mean, “tried?”
The one I was dancing with kept trying to get me to tell him my full name. I found out later this could give Faeries power over you, so no matter how hard they try, don’t tell a Faerie your full name.

Why are they so interested in musicians?
The Faeries I met that night told me they came from a world where Faeries have lost the ability to create; they can’t invent new music or art or anything. So some of the Faerie courts started sending hunters out into the human world, to capture talented mortals to entertain them.

Can you give us any tips for dealing with hostile Faeries?
Iron repels them. I had an iron necklace made after the attack so I would always have some with me. Don’t tell them your name, no matter what. And play lots of classical music; modern Faeries are all about the rock n roll, especially punk and alt rock.

Thanks you, Caspia, for sharing your experiences with us. And now we’ll move on to today’s musical selections, a little playlist I like to call, “Faeries On My Mind:”

Fairies Wear Boots, Black Sabbath
Tam Lin, Fairport Convention
Fairytale of New York, The Pogues
My Fairy King, Queen
Cold Irons Bound, Bob Dylan
Long Black Veil, Nick Cave
Carried Home, Iron and Wine
I Took Your Name, R.E.M.
When You Call My Name, Dawes

Giveaway! Vicki is offering four ebooks!  To enter, simply comment on this post, and let us know how you would avoid a fairy kidnapping, or whether you've ever been kidnapped by fairies.



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  1. Hey, Great post! I think i need to wear more iron to avoid getting kidnapped by faeries.
    syndiasia at yahoo dot com

  2. Haha great post. Haven't been kidnapped (yet) but I think I need to stock up on some iron and start wearing my clothes inside out, just in case.
    elliemoreton @ gmail . com

  3. Hi great review. Thanks for the education on faeries. I know i don't have any iron so i need to get some to carry around that is easy to keep up with since its heavy and will turn your skin green.I have not been kidnapped but i feel i have lost some hours in the day once in awhile so i guess i better hurry and get that iron. Plus some classical music i can turn on quickly when needed, Thanks joannie jscddmj[at]aol[dot]com

  4. Um is telling them your nickname going to get a person in trouble? I may have already encountered a fairy. I only gave him my nickname but now I'm wondering if I should start waring an iron brestplate (not sure a nedcklace will work now) and start listening to classical, hmm wonder how they feel about country music. any ideas on that?


  5. This just reinforces my plan to build and iron fence around my home...

    Thanks for the warning!

  6. I would wear iron to keep from being kidnapped and be aware of people that seem to look to good to be true.

    Thank you for the great giveaway!

    jbronderblogs at aol dot com

  7. Wear something iron with everything and have an ipod full of classical songs in my purse. All which I hope would keep me from getting kidnapped. Plus my singing voice is awful, if all else fails I'll start singing really loudly.

  8. Never been kidnapped by fairies but sometimes I get he feeling someones giving me dirty looks but I always thought it was my teacher. I was told that wearing red and having salt was fairy repellent to.

  9. I think they may have tried to kidnap my brother, he loves rock and is able to pick up almost any instrument and play it but then I think they figured out how lazy and undedicated he was to music, that and he has a thing for iron jewelry.

  10. I used to have corgis that I think were visited by fairies. They'd e nowhere around and suddenly there they were. I think the fairies would borrow them for a joy ride.

  11. I've never been kidnapped by fairies.


  12. Thanks for your comments and thanks to Jeff for throwing this Fairy Fair!
    Joannie, that's a good point about iron turning your skin green. A really long pendant that can be worn outside your clothing might be a good alternative. Plus the faeries would be able to see it and would probably leave you alone.
    I love the breastplate idea, too. :)
    And SilverWolf, I think you are ok telling them your nickname, or even part of your real name, just not the whole thing.
    Stay safe, everyone!

  13. What a fun post today. I can understand why the fairies would want to hear some different kinds of music, don't we all like variation? I don't think I have to worry about being kidnapped, I'm not a musician. So I guess I'm good at avoiding a kidnapping. :)
    Thanks for offering a great prize today.
    luvfuzzzeeefaces at yahoo dot com

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  15. I would avoid a fairy kidnapping by being crazy and annoying lol:)

  16. I have never been kidnapped by fairies, but it might be kind of fun...maybe. I don't think I would stop them.
    GFC - rickimc

  17. This is a great post... but I don't understand the question. What makes you think I'm human? o.O

  18. I have not been kidnapped by fairies before. I think I would just carry my cast iron skillet with me. I could bat them away with it and they can't stand iron.

    rachel at thejeepdiva dot com

  19. I have not been kidnapped by fairies. I'd use an iron fly-swatter.


  20. I've not been kidnapped by faeries, and I don't think I have much to worry about. I can't draw, paint, or sculpt. I can't play a musical instrument to save my life. All I pretty much do is raise my Silkie chickens.


  21. I've never been kidnapped by faires. I would carry more iron with me. Thanks for the chance to win!
    natasha_donohoo_8 at hotmail dot com

  22. Hi =)

    I would love to win the ebooks - I simply adore fairies! And yes, it's important to protect one's name out there. Often, I refuse to tell strangers my true name and come up with a list of invented names to be safe. =D


  23. Protecting myself from fairies is easy. No living thing knows I exist.

  24. My perfume is made with the finest lemons. My garments are laced with iron detailing. I also keep a loaf of bread on me in case I need a snack. Oh and I like it stale. Fairies Beware! Muahahahaha!


  25. i would have iron highlights in my hair and i would live by a classical music store. they would never think to look for me there:)As for my name i would live under a fake(but stylish) name. thanks for the amazing giveaway !!!!

  26. Great post. I have not been kidnapped and I am not to sure I would avoid it. There are some pretty hot faeries out there!

  27. I once went to a party with this really beautiful guy and I swear we were only there for about two hours, but when I got home not only had I missed curfew but two weeks had passed and boy was that hard to explain ;) Thank you for the fun post.

  28. I've never been kidnapped by fairies, sad but true. Although I knew the bit about the iron, I didn't know to keep one's name from them too! Live and learn.
    postedcontests (at) gmail (dot) com