Sunday, February 19, 2012

Fairy Metal Thunder: A notice for non-Kindle owners

To experiment with the Kindle lending library, I am enrolling Fairy Metal Thunder in KDP Select.  This means that it will be exclusively available on Kindle for 90 days (include Kindle apps like Kindle for PC, etc.).

If you've already started the series on another platform, don't worry--the second book in the series, as well as the third one coming out this spring, will continue to be available on all platforms.  Only the first book will be exclusive to Kindle.

You still have today to grab Fairy Metal Thunder on Nook and other platforms.  After that, you would need a Kindle or Kindle app to read it during the next three months.

So, that's what's happening with that, and very soon.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Fairy Metal News!

I've been very bad at keeping the blog updated, so here are some fun things that are happening with the fairy books:
I did a guest post on My Cute Bookshelf, which features a page from a fairy instrument catalog.  What's that, you ask?  Fairies have catalogs?  Well, yes, apparently.  There's still a day or so to enter Jennie's giveaway.

Jade from Chasing Empty Pavements interviewed me and reviewed Fairy Metal Thunder.

Heather from Bewitched Bookworms interviews Jason and Grizlemor the goblin, and offers a giveaway.

Missy Kirtley reviews Fairy Blues on her blog...and so does Shirley at Creative Deeds...

...Aeicha from Word Spelunking writes a long and lovely review of Fairy Blues and offers a giveaway...

Kelly from Reading the Paranormal reviews Fairy Metal Thunder and offers a giveaway (her review of Fairy Blues is coming soon!)

And Heather from Buried in Books kicks off 'fairy week' on her blog with Fairy Metal Thunder!

That's a lot happening for the past week or so! Thanks so much to all my blogger friends!