Friday, July 26, 2013

Nomad Release Day!! Come and win stuff.

Today is the official release day for my new time-travel dystopian tale, Nomad!  It's available on Amazon, Nook, and Smashwords
(others coming soon!).  The regular price will be $3.99, but I'm discounting to $2.99 for the launch.

Book description:

They took everything: her family, her home, her childhood.

By the age of nineteen, Raven has spent most of her life in the sprawling slums of America, fighting as a rebel against the dictatorship. When the rebellion steals an experimental time-travel device, she travels back five decades to the year 2013. Her plan: assassinate the future dictator when he is still young and vulnerable, long before he comes to power. She must move fast to reshape history, because agents from her own time are on her trail, ready to execute her on sight.

Some great bloggers agreed to host guest posts today.  Check them out for chances to win a copy of the book!

My post on Parajunkee is an article on the best and worst time machines you can buy:

I also have a post on Books and Things with some handy tips for time travelers:

Read "The Evil Dictator's Handbook" on Bookish Brunette!

 The bookish brunette

And my post on Lizzy's Dark Fiction explores some of the issues that come up when writing a time-travel story:
Lizzy's Dark Fiction

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Making the Best of Your Dystopia

For tomorrow's release of Nomad, I've written a guest blog on Alluring Reads about how to cope with life in a dystopian society.  It involves crafts.

There's also a flash giveaway of Nomad ebooks for the first readers who comment, so get over there fast!

"It’s not a perfect world. In fact, it’s horrible. There’s oppression, tyranny, poverty, weird game shows where people die. Odds are that highly personal decisions, including those related to your career, marriage, and children, are under complete government control. Congratulations, you live in a dystopian world!"
See the rest of the post on Alluring Reads!

Alluring Reads

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

More about Nomad, and sign up to win a paperback!

Here are some more advance reviews for Nomad. Thanks, bloggers!  (Follow links for full reviews!)

"NOMAD was a really fun time travel read...Raven was a pretty complex character that went from a girl with memory loss getting into a semi-truck, to a BA nomad with a plasma gun trying to change the future...but not TOO much. I loved being in her head as she plotted to get close to the enemy..." The Violet Hour

"Our heroine, Raven, is just all kinds of awesome and I loved her for that...I also loved how badass she is: this girl knows how to kick some butt and handle a weapon. What could be more awesome than that?" -Nerdette Reviews

"There is SO MUCH going on in this book, it's insane, but in a good way. I was completely consumed by all of the action, information, terror and romance being thrown my way throughout Raven's journey. It's safe to say that her character and this book will not be easily forgotten by me." -Escaping with Fiction 

You can also enter to win a signed paperback at both Xpresso Reads and Goodreads!

Xpresso Reads

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Nomad by J.L. Bryan


by J.L. Bryan

Giveaway ends September 24, 2013.
See the giveaway details at Goodreads.
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Monday, July 22, 2013

Long-Distance Dating: Time Travel Edition (Guest Post on Xpresso Reads)

For the release of Nomad, I have some giveaways and guest posts around the book blog world.  Today I'm on Xpresso Reads with an article about time travel and dating, plus a paperback giveaway!

"Long-distance relationships only grow more complicated when you and your significant other are years apart. We’re not talking about May-December romances here, we’re talking about dating someone who lives in an entirely different century. With the recent popularization of home time-travel devices, this is a problem facing more and more people every day.

It’s always the same story, or some version of it: You’re a rising junior partner at a mid-size law firm in 21st-century Manhattan. He’s a 9th-century court jester who smears mud on himself for the amusement of his barbaric warlord king. Nobody ever expected the two of you to fall in love...but the heart is a cavern of mysteries, and sometimes opposites attract..."

Read the rest at Xpresso Reads and enter to win an autographed paperback!

Xpresso Reads

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Advance reviews for Nomad!

I'm happy to tell you that a number of book bloggers have posted advance reviews for Nomad, which releases on Friday, July 26 (a week from tomorrow!). (If you haven't added it on your Goodreads shelf, you can do that here.  You'll also see a paperback giveaway you can enter!)

I will have a lot going on next week, with a number of changes to win prizes like autographed copies of the new book, so watch this space for more.  For now, here's a glance at the comments from some of the wonderful bloggers who have taken time to read and review advance copies of the book (and links to the full reviews).

"Raven’s personality and smarts made it easy for me to take a liking to her. She’s quick on her feet and intelligent in a way that completely fits with where she’s really from – the future is not a pretty place... The advancement in technology, the history that lead to this dystopian society, even the fashion, it’s a solidly imagined world that is made believably futuristic without any overkill." -Xpresso Reads

"I really liked this character. She was strong, determined, smart and sincere. She was also witty and resourceful. As female leads go, Raven pretty much nailed it...There was also plenty of action, humor, romance and heartbreak." -Creative Deeds

"This book was epic beyond epicness. What does that mean? It means JL Bryan took the best parts of almost every book I have read and threw them in here. It was a wild ride." -Contagious Reads

"From the minute I met Raven I connected with her. She is so easily relatable. She's smart and tough, but also kind and sensitive...I ended up really caring for each and every character and I was just hoping for a happy ending for all of them. And wow that ending. Those last few pages I was literally reading the book at the edge of my couch!" -Ladybug Storytime

"Raven was a fantastic character that I loved from the start....Love time travel reads? Well then this is the book for you. NOMAD is a definite must read!" -I Read Indie

"I absolutely loved this book....I enjoyed it from start to finish and read it in about one day, which doesn't happen very much anymore." -You Could Be Wishing on a Star