Monday, July 22, 2013

Long-Distance Dating: Time Travel Edition (Guest Post on Xpresso Reads)

For the release of Nomad, I have some giveaways and guest posts around the book blog world.  Today I'm on Xpresso Reads with an article about time travel and dating, plus a paperback giveaway!

"Long-distance relationships only grow more complicated when you and your significant other are years apart. We’re not talking about May-December romances here, we’re talking about dating someone who lives in an entirely different century. With the recent popularization of home time-travel devices, this is a problem facing more and more people every day.

It’s always the same story, or some version of it: You’re a rising junior partner at a mid-size law firm in 21st-century Manhattan. He’s a 9th-century court jester who smears mud on himself for the amusement of his barbaric warlord king. Nobody ever expected the two of you to fall in love...but the heart is a cavern of mysteries, and sometimes opposites attract..."

Read the rest at Xpresso Reads and enter to win an autographed paperback!

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